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8 Zone LCD Wireless Alarm System FS-AM212

Обявата е публикувана на: 02 нoeмврu 2011 г.
Валидност на обявата: 31 януaрu 2012 г.
Град: Рила
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8 Zone LCD Wireless Alarm System FS-AM212
1) 8 defense zone, exclusive zone 0 for key fob, each zone programmable
2) Wired connection to any zone
3) Zone type inquiring and programming at random (Zone type: watchdog zone, exit/entry delay,
4) 24 hours zone, sounder/silent when alarming, armed/part armed zone, sensor/no sensor in the zone
5) Three attributes are programmable for each detector, one attribute is programmable for each Key Fob
6) The Key Fob and detector logging in, without the need for coding (user can add and reduce detectors freely, easy maintenance), learning code
7) Multimode arming methods: Away arming, Part arming, 24 hour arming, and every zone could be separately armed/disarmed)
8) 85 event log about arming, disarming, and alarming (with time and date stamp), viewable directly on the panel LCD
9) Built in TIMER IC, time precise and needs not adjusting even after power failure
10) When alarming, the C. S operator or the user could listen in, speak, or start the siren from a remote place
11) 6 time points of timed Auto-Arming, 6 time points of timed Auto-disarming (24 hour mode)
12) Panel can receive the detector low voltage signal and display zone number and detector number on the LCD and sound a beep
13) Line sensing and Alarm priority: panel automatically check the line and alarm even when it is engaged or cut.
14) Each detector could be set to Door Bell, when it is triggered, the panel sound a ding-dong
15) Control from a remote phone: Remotely arming/disarming, listen in, speak to the occupants
16) Entry/Exit delay, voice prompt both when arming and being triggered
17) Mains Fail alarm. The panel will alarm when mains power fails
18) Siren could be set to sound when away arming
19) One touch feature: there are emergency button, medical help and fire button on the keypad
20) Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, auto charge/discharge
21) Wireless signal transmitting test
22) Engineer Option. Listen to the dial tone of DTMF

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